“How can I describe the Kingdom of God?  What story should I use to illustrate it?” asked Jesus in Mark 4:30. 

Many of us don’t have a very good picture of the Kingdom of God. Jesus told us all to pray to our Father in Heaven: “Your Kingdom come….” What are we asking our Father for exactly? How does it look? How would we describe it? What story would illustrate it?

This blog is filled with Kingdom Reflections—my humble attempts to illustrate God’s Kingdom in heaven, reflected here on earth. As disciples of Jesus, we are called both to reflect His Kingdom and to multiply new Kingdom disciples who do the same–across the earth.

The more we know of God’s Kingdom, the greater our joy in seeing it appear and the greater the adventure of advancing it with Him!

Kevin Sutter


Please start at the first entry below. Let the picture come into focus and get a clearer kingdom reflection:

#1 On Earth as in Heaven

#2 Absolutely Potent Seeds

#3 Kingdom Disciples

#4 Needing God? Blessed

#5 Mourning a Broken World? Blessed

#6 Humbly Obedient? Blessed

#7 Doing Justice? Blessed

#8 Loving Mercy? Blessed

#9 Willing to Change? Blessed

#10 Working for Peace? Blessed

#11 Suffering Rejection? Blessed

#12 Facing Persecution? Blessed

#13 Salt of the Earth (Part 1)

#14 Salt of the Earth (Part 2)

#15 Light of the World

#16 The Good Seed

#17 Getting the Message

#18 God’s Story

#19 Fellowships Form

#20 Children Well Taught

#21 Basic Needs Met

#22 Productive & Fruitful Lives

#23 Bearing Fruit in Every Good Work

#24 When Kingdom Seeds Transform Society