About Kingdom Reflection

Over 3 decades ago my wife and I joined a movement of thousands of full-time volunteers from scores of countries, dedicated to going to the nations (tribes, peoples, language groups) who have not heard the Good News about Jesus.

Our goal is to introduce King Jesus and His Kingdom through both our words and our deeds. As we empower unreached people to become Jesus’ disciples, we help them spread the blessings of God’s Kingdom

  • within their families
  • among their neighbors
  • throughout their societies
  • across the nationsIMG_0648

Jesus told us all to pray to our Father in Heaven: “Your Kingdom come….” However many of us don’t really have a picture of what that Kingdom is all about.

“How can I describe the Kingdom of God? What story should I use to illustrate it?” asked Jesus. (Mark 4:30)

That’s been my question too. This blog is filled with Kingdom Reflections—attempts to illustrate God’s Kingdom reflected on earth as it is in heaven. One thing is for certain: the more we know of God’s Kingdom, the greater our joy in the adventure of advancing it!

Kevin Sutter


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