KR16: The Good Seed

Jesus said, “the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom.” (Matt 13:38)

The message of the Kingdom of God is contained within people. When Kingdom Disciples group together and commit to love one another and obey Jesus’ commands—life and growth bursts forth.


Though we quoted it before, E. Stanley Jones’ words bear repeating, “The most absolutely potent thing on this planet is a small group disciplined to great ends. The people of the Kingdom are the seeds of the new order. They do not give the message—they are the message. They do not seek an answer—they are the answer, the Kingdom in miniature. There is nothing so absolutely potent as a group unbreakably bonded to each other and unreservedly given to God. ”

Let’s plant these seeds of the new order. Let’s plant Kingdom Seeds! Keep it simple: Gather together. Listen to Jesus speak through His Word and His Spirit. Do what He says. Growth and fruit will come.

I call this Jesus-Centered Fellowships taking Kingdom-Focused Action.  What would Jesus have you and your group, team or fellowship do either nearby, or where the needs are greater—so that everyone has access to:

  • The message of Jesus Christ presented in a way they can understand.
  • God’s Word in their own language.
  • Fellowship with disciples of Jesus: to freely worship Him, learn to obey Him and join in His global purposes.
  • Education that equips their children for godly living.
  • The basic necessities of life: food, clean water, clothing, shelter and health care.
  • Opportunities to lead a productive and fruitful life spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Jesus promises, “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am among them.” (Matt 18:20)  To those eager to obey, He will speak through His Word and His Spirit. To reinforce this truth for myself, I wrote additional words to a popular worship song called, “Come Now is the Time to Worship.”

Come, now is the time to listen
Come, now is the time to hear Your voice
We come, just as we are to listen
We come, just as we are to hear Your voice, we come

One day Your great Kingdom will be fully revealed
Love and peace will finally reign.
Yet today please tell us what You’d have us to do
As we work together toward that aim.

I sing this nearly every day.

Maybe I will keep singing it…until all have seen and heard the Good News of the Kingdom.

Kingdom ReflectionQuestion for reflection: What would Jesus have you do today as you work together with Him toward the aim of revealing His Kingdom? Is now the time to listen?

Kingdom prayer: Lord Jesus, throughout this world, please multiply groups and fellowships centered on You and who willingly follow You in taking Kingdom-focused action. Amen

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