KR17: Getting the Message

KR17CMC-Icon01We, as Kingdom Disciples, believe it is God’s will that everyone on earth has access to the message of Jesus Christ presented in a way they can understand…

Dan and I were sent out by our fellowship to spread the Gospel in a needy community. Soon we met Mr. and Mrs. Garcia who welcomed us into their home after accepting our offer to learn from the Bible together. The first story we chose was Noah and the Ark. After the story, we asked questions like: why did God flood the world back then, why did God save Noah and his family, how does God feel about evil in the world today? As our conversation finished, we prayed briefly and asked if they would like to meet again. Since they enjoyed the short visit, they invited us to come back.

By our fourth visit and fourth lesson, the Garcias were really beginning to understand the Good News. Then, unexpectedly, Mr. Garcia asked, “Would it be okay for us to invite some of our other relatives to come learn from the Bible? We’ve been telling them about these studies and they are interested too.” Trying to contain our excitement, we said, “Yes, that would be wonderful. But let’s do it this way—rather than us leading the discussion, you, Mr. Garcia can do it.”

“Me? I wouldn’t know how,” he answered. “It will be easy. We can use our first study about Noah and the Ark. After the story, simply read the questions and let others answer. When we are finished, pray a simple prayer. If you need help, we will be with you. But you will do fine.”

Mr. Garcia reluctantly agreed.

On our fifth visit Mrs. Garcia opened the door. I walked in, sat down and counted 17 people! Mr. Garcia led them all in exploring God’s Word, following the simple written lesson about Noah. Not many days later, Mr. and Mrs. Garcia received Jesus and we had the honor of baptizing them. Eventually more family members believed. Teaching shifted to topics like obeying the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  Soon a fellowship of Kingdom Disciples started in the Garcia home. Mr. Garcia’s brother-in-law eventually became an elder of the fellowship.

What a rewarding experience this was for Dan and me. We thanked George, the man who discipled us. George learned a way to present the message of Jesus Christ so people understood. Simple written lessons sparked dialogue and personal application of truth. They were easy for others to also use.  We used them and were quickly able to pass them on to the Garcias.

Presenting the Gospel in this kind of way (for example Discovery Bible Studies developed by David Watson) can result in making disciples who make disciples. George used it to start a whole disciple-making movement! That’s what we want to do too.

Kingdom Reflection

Question for reflection: What are effective ways that you present the message of Jesus?

Kingdom prayer: Lord Jesus, You told us all to go and make disciples. Please help each of us to become more and more fruitful as we share our faith.

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